July 13, 2020




I have a lady Provider, who requires $50,000 for a Lease SBLC of $500M at 10+2. I am working with her directly as practical Mandate for the last several years and have found her trustworthy and reliable. Several clients of mine have paid her Upfront Fee $50,000. She has never run away with any client’s money. She is still living at the same place in Saint Lucia for the last several years. Had she run away with any client’s money, she could not have remained at the same address and the same city of Saint Lucia so long.

She has always acted responsibly. If sometimes she could not perform within the stipulated time-period and unavoidable delays occurred due to some unexpected developments, she has always offered to give back client’s $50,000, if they could not wait until her delayed performance, if any.

She promises more but client will be paid  to client Monetized amount of net 40% LTV within 3-5 days.  I am ready to take responsibility, not for 3-5 days, but against your ultimate loss of this Upfront fee, as I know this Provider since long. She has never run away with any client Upfront Fee. I have this experience for the last several years.

Moreover, she is ready to meet clients if they want to. If you are doubtful about her integrity, visit her place in Saint Lucia and ask her to show you documentary evidence of her past performance.

She is always ready to meet any client directly, if any client desires so. Direct meeting with her will give you confidence and will help you to judge about trusting her with your valued Upfront Fee or not. She will not look like a person involved in any fraud and the one who may run away from her place in Saint Lucia after receiving your $50,000. Direct meeting is the best way to judge her, if you are not ready to trust my empty promise of guaranteeing your upfront money and my documentary evidence of sanitized remittance to her 2 years ago by a client of mine, as attached with this document at the end.

Moreover, I am also not going to run away from Japan after you pay her $50,000. I am living more than half a century in this country with my Japanese wife, children, and grandchildren.

You can ask my Pakistan embassy to trace my passport to investigate my whereabouts, if you find me having run away from Japan at this age of 87 after you pay $50,000 to her in Saint Lucia. 

In addition to my empty promise of guaranteeing your money, corporate Notarized Refund Undertaking will be issued from her registered company, Horton Square before your payment.

I am attaching herewith Sanitized copies of an Invoice and Payment Receipt.

This was my 1st client from Australia who received Invoice from Horton Square

on 13th September, about 2 years ago in 2018. 3 days after receiving Invoice, he remitted $50,000 on 16th September 2018, as shown in the attached Payment Bank Receipt copy addressed to Sherry Placide.


Thereafter, a few more clients paid to her $50,000 during these 2 years. 


She did not run away after getting client money. She has acted responsibly with all clients.


I have attached these sanitized copies as an evidence for the clients that their remittance to the Provider Sherry Placide will not be wasted. 


I am sending this evidence in image format for the satisfaction of all future clients for sending $50,000 to the Provider, Sherry Placide.   

Therefore, I can give you an empty guarantee, if you are ready to trust my word that I will pay you back this $50,000, if she fails to issue your required SBLC in the long run.  

Moreover, clients have to pay only $50,000 to get a Monetized amount of net 40%, i.e. equivalent to $200. Her LTV is much more than that. But commissions and SBLC cost is deducted from it. I get more LTV but allocate 52% only to the clients. 10+2 SBLC cost is deducted from it and the net balance of 40% is remitted to the desired Accounts of the client in 3 to 5 days after your $50,000 is received by her bank.

I am not going to allocate full LTV of 70% or 80% to the client. I am not here for any voluntary humanitarian service for the clients. I will allocate only 52% to the client and keep the share of balance amount of Monetizer LTV for my Islamic and Real Estate Projects in Japan and Pakistan. Please continue with this deal if this condition of sharing the Monetized amount is acceptable to you. Otherwise you can go to any other Provider and Monetizer where you can get more than NET 40% after deduction of SBLC cost and other commissions etc..

Clients should be happy and thankful to me that just by a meagre investment of $50,000, you will get net cash of $200 Million remittance out of a just one Tranche deal of $500M.

In case the client is interested in more funding for his Projects, he can apply for 2nd or more Tranches. The Upfront Fee of $50,000 for the 2nd or further Tranches can be paid from the Monetized amount of the 1st or the previous Tranche, not from the pocket of the client. 

If you are interested and ready to remit $50,000 to her Account, I will be enclosing 4 Documents, DOA, Compliance Agreement, Monetizing Agreement and IMFPA for you to fill in. In turn she will issue 2 Contracts for issuing SBLC from Top Primary Banks and for Monetizing along with an Invoice to pay $50,000, Notarized Corporate Refund Undertaking and IMFPA.

Thus you will get all documents and all necessary information about her and her company for carrying on your DD before any payment. You have to pay only if your Due Diligence is satisfactory to proceed with the deal with her company Horton Square.

This company is run by 3 Partners, and she is one of those 3 dealing with the clients directly. The other 2 European Partners live outside of Saint Lucia, somewhere in Europe.

Is it not a good RETURN for the clients to get cash $200M remittance simply by making a small investment of $50,000?  Please contact if you are interested.

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