Monetization will be 43% LTV. But after paying SBLC cost 12 + 4, or 6+2+2 balance 27% or 33% cash will be remitted to client by the Monetizer.


Monetizer draft Agreement will be sent when you send your LOI completee with sign and stamp.


Monetizer has described procedure as below:


This is the draft we prepared. What we expect is that when we send it over the client will put in the necessary details about themselves and the amount of the instrument. They should then have it sign and you sign as well and return to us. As soon as it is returned we will then complete it by including banking details, verbiage and so on. 


The reason we chose to do it this way is because we are not comfortable sending our banking information out there to everyone not knowing if they will actually move forward or not. So we will deliver the information after the client has signed and included the partial details.”


You can apply for a SBLC of $500M and get cash 27% after Monetizer pays 12+4=16% or 6+2+2=10% to the Provider and brokers.



Monetization Procedure Explanation


1)   You are called “SBLC Provider” by Monetizer in this draft, as Monetizer will monetize your SBLC. But your SBLC will be sent direct to Monetizer through MT799 and MT760 by the Instrument PROVIDER to whom you will send your LOI. 

2)    Send duly filled in attached draft along with your LOI

3)    Monetizer will countersign it with his banking details and his required SBLC Verbiage.

4)    You put this Monetizer information in your LOI to the Instrument Provider. Your SBLC-Receiving Bank will be that of Monetizer Bank in your LOI and the required SBLC Verbiage in the LOI will be what Monetizer has sent you in his countersigned Agreement.

5)    If Provider countersigns your Contract, he will send MT799 direct to Monetizer bank as mentioned in your LOI.

6)    Monetizer will respond by ICBPO or Payment Undertaking by MT799, OR respond his ACCEPTANCE by his counter MT799, whichever is required by the Issuing Bank in its MT799 Pre-Advice.

7)    Issuing Bank will send MT760 SBLC to Monetizer Bank

8)    Monetizer will remit 12+4 or 6+2+2 SBLC cost to Provider bank and all commissions to Consultants or Brokers banking coordinates as per the Contract signed by the Instrument Provider.

9)    Monetizer will send balance amount to the client after paying SBLC cost.



Please select any one of the procedures available on my Website and use it for Monetization:  


You can apply for a SBLC of $500M and get cash 27% after Monetizer pays 12+4=16% to the Provider and brokers.


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