You can get our Pre-Advice from Prime banks for all face values of BG and even for 500M BG by paying just $26,000 only. We issue Invoice and Refund Undertaking after receiving your LOI and inform you our Transaction code and the name of the Top Issuing Bank that will issue your BG or SBLC.


You can do your Due Diligence (DD) on our company. You will find it is an old very estsblished company working for several years. Therefore you may be satisfied that such old company will not vanish with your $26,000. After your DD, decide to take the risk of remitting $26,000 for a possible big reward of any face value up to $500 Million or not. If you are not satisfied, do not remit $26,000 and go to another Provider. A company which is existig for several years since its registration date several years back may not disappear soon after getting your $26,000.


I am working with this Provider for over 5 year. He has never run away with clients money. I have found by my experience that Provider is an honest and fair gentleman. He has not run away with any of my clients money. He has a career of 25 years as a sucessful and fair Provider.


We are not doing Escrow any more. It used to be $200,000 fior a BG if $500 Million, But now it is a nominal risk of only $26,000 for any face value of your desired BG even up to $500M.


If your client has a Credit line with his bank, he needs our Pre-Advice or RWA from any of the Top 10 Banks. It cannot be given FREE. You have to PAY or provide Collateral for it. Otherwise issue ICBPO or Blockfunds POF or PN. Please see details on the following Link:


Please download your required LOI from the following link. All our Procedures are approved by Top 10 Banks of the world Nothing can be changed in it for your convenience. Accept or Recject. No negotitions.



Hussain Khan, M. A. Tokyo

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Note: There is no possibility anywhere in the world that any Provider will give you any RWA or Pre-Advice even for one Million free without any COLLATERAL. If you find any such Provider anywhere in the world, please introduce me, I will give you handsome commission. Better to forget about any such fantacy.

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